Melanocarpa is a digital garden grown by u/bouncepaw. It is also a sort of online encyclopedia and a wiki; you can make an account and edit hyphae.

Меланокарпацифровой сад, который выращивает u/bouncepaw. Это также онлайн-энциклопедия и вики: можно создать аккаунт и редактировать гифы.

A big portion of this site is my Art, mostly drawings on paper. Take a look! Also, see the Arbres, the biggest texts here, they might be more interesting than the others.

This website is multilingual, i/e the content is written in English and Russian. When choosing a language for writing, choose the one closer to the topic. Thus, when writing about information technologies, you would probably choose English. In the future, I might want to integrate other languages; perhaps, including those I made up by myself, why not. There is no limit.

This wiki's hyphae are backed up in this GitHub repo.

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List of recently published cool stuff. There is more going on Recent changes.

Список недавно опубликованного интересного. В недавних изменениях больше.

  1. Алгоритм определения номера месяца — дополнен!

  2. Quadrat 49

  3. Anthropocentrism

  4. Quadrat 48

  5. Tech Meet 2022-09-09

  6. Beetlang

  7. мыло

  8. три критерия дурности математики

  9. temperament.tal

  10. quadrat 47

  11. Accepting patches on srht

  12. Chito 2022-08-17

  13. quadrat 44, quadrat 45

  14. Новая пунктуация

  15. Список желаний

  16. Quadrat 37, quadrat 39

  17. A report on Ares Robotics and their TX series

  18. Experiment no. 31 — a comic!

  19. Зелёная 2022-08-07

  20. Светофор 2022-08-06

  21. Не слушай 2022-08-05, mensoguloj 2022-08-05

  22. lamp 2022-08-04

  23. 2021 stuff republished: canon cat, patchouli

  24. Fan art!: hakurei reimu 2022-07-27, majime yamashita 2022-07-28

  25. Hypha stages

  26. Nomad balloon 🎈🏮

  27. u/Bouncepaw ⬅️ this is me!!

  28. Обзор на все фрукты

  29. Watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe

  30. Portable interwiki

  31. A new Quadrat series!

  32. The Lapin is basically done.

  33. microblog

  34. gitea federation

  35. uxnerie /: xo.tal

  36. summer stream 2022 almost daily

  37. Упаковка соусов

  38. Static site

  39. Inktober 2020

  40. Twitter exodus

  41. Ares Corp.

  42. Публикация картинок

  43. Hardstyle

  44. Summer stream 2022

  45. Interwiki for Agora

  46. Удалённое из Мастодонта

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