🌳 Betula is a self-hosted bookmarking and link aggregation program, which is to become a part of Mycoverse, compatible with Mycorrhiza in some ways, but, first of all, a tool for storing links. It is intended to be used to maintain a collection of one person, the administrator, who is called gardener.

Simplest bookmarklet


Change the URL with your own.

Some Betulæ I know of

The first one is mine! As you can see, the pattern of using links as the subdomain has emerged.

Principles, features

  • Web software installed on your server, accessed from a web browser.

  • One-person installation.

  • One binary betula.

  • All of your links and configuration stored in a single SQLite database file anywhere you like.

  • You post links. You can also have a hypertext description of them, if you want to.

    • Links can be changed later.

    • A link with its description is isomorphous to Mycorrhiza's hyphae.

  • Every link can be part of any number of categories.

    • These categories are isomorphous to Mycorrhiza's categories.

  • Federation

    • IndieWeb style

    • Mycoverse: Betula link posts could be transcluded, categories can be fetched with some API that would come one day

    • A learning project: I don't know much about IndieWeb and SQLite, this would help me to learn more, and then bring the new knowledge to Mycorrhiza.