Agora is a ‘wiki like experimental social network and distributed knowledge graph’, so they said. Anagora is the only known public instance of it.

As far as I understand, it is some form of federation/aggregation of digital gardens with a big emphasis on graph-ity. Their analogue of hyphae is called a node, nodes are generated from contents from multiple sites.

The project is interesting. 2022-01-18 I wrote the author an email about the possibilities of making Agora and Mycorrhiza compatible. 2022-03-06 Melanocarpa was added to Anagora, along with Mycorrhiza support.

The Agora network has an interesting idea of going.

The Agorans also seem to all be using git-based markdown-driven digital gardens. That's a poor choice of technology, in my opinion, but whatever works for them. Most digital gardens use markdown anyway.