Bouncepaw is the author of this digital garden. This is me. My full name is Timur Ismagilov, I am from Russia (Kazan or Ufa, depends). I come by many names, actually.

Online, I am mostly known for Mycorrhiza, my wiki engine, my custom ergonomic keyboards, activity on various smolnet sites, and writings. I would also like to be known for my art.

I speak Russian natively and English fluently. I also know Esperanto ok. A little French? I am always happy to discuss something with you.

Read me

  • Read this site, Melanocarpa. This is my main hub now.

  • I am active on Mastodon. But beware, my toots expire (slowly).

  • I write like three posts on my Russian-language Telegram channel a month: @bpblog. This is the oldest place with my articles in the visible net nowadays.

Contact me

  • Instant messaging:

    • Contact me on Matrix: @charismatic_shell:matrix.org.

    • I reply the quickest on Telegram: @bouncepaw.

    • I have IRC! #bouncepaw on libera.chat. I do not read IRC every day, but I have a bouncer, so I won't miss your message. I do not like IRC.


Other wikis

And some others, under different names.