Mastodon is a social network and a part of fediverse running activity pub.

2022-03-05 I made an account: lor.sh/@bouncepaw. Feel free to follow.

A viewer for mastodon data written in python. It creates a local server that you can use to browse the data. Designed for large (>40,000) toot archives.

Mastodon Archive

See also web archiving.


Me: How easy is it to make a program that fetches my toots and threads I participate in? Maybe a program like that exists already? #programming
Me: Workflow like: run the program and update the database (?) of fetched toots
Schröder: @bouncepaw alexschroeder.ch/cgit/mastodon-archive/about/ could be it?

Taking a look.

This tool allows you to make an archive of your statuses, your favourites and the media in both your statuses and your favourites. From this archive, you can generate a simple text file, or a HTML file with or without media.

Seems to be a perfect fit!