Uxn is a small virtual computer by 100 rabbits. It is also somehow accompanied by varvara, not exactly sure how.

The Uxn ecosystem is a personal computing playground, created to host small tools and games, programmable in its own unique assembly language.

It was designed with an implementation-first mindset with a focus on creating portable graphical applications, the distribution of Uxn projects is akin to sharing game roms for any classic console emulator.

Devine Lu Linvega said:

rest assured that learning Uxn will have absolutely no value whatsoever on your resume.

Uxn and me


The keyboard toots

Devine, is the CMD/WIN/SUPER key supported by VARVARA? It's definitely not in Controller/button.

it's no,

Ctrl => A
Alt => B
Shift => Select
Home => Start

yeah cool. Not gonna find any windows keys on the IBM PC keyboard anyway.

or, on the NDS XD

A very good article that destroys uxn's value. Uxn says it's about permacomputing and vintage computing, the author of the article says it's not and proves it.

The author insists on a relation to permacomputing. Their page on permacomputing describes frugal computing and salvage computing as principles of permacomputing, defining them as "utilizing computational resources as finite and precious, to be utilised only when necessary, and as effectively as possible", and "utilizing only already available computational resources, to be limited by that which is already produced." The author is part of a collective that wanted to replace all the "bloated" software they used, due to having little energy storage on their sailboat. Using software design techniques to reduce power usage, and to allow continued use of old computers is a good idea, but the uxn machine has quite the opposite effect, due to inefficient implementations and a poorly designed virtual machine, which does not lend itself to writing an efficient implementation easily.

Devine then mentioned it, and a discussion followed.

A thread in the uxn's mailing list. Felix asks about uxn's stability, Devine says it will be stable soon enough, and this:

Don't think of a Varvara as a platform just yet, at best, it's something that can inspire others to explore their own ideas of how a VM can be used to preserve their own projects. There is very little experimentation done in this space and it's sort of in the research phase right now.

Links like this can discourage you from learning uxn. They do not discourage me, though. Summer stream 2022 is a proof.

Cute images like this:

A port of uxn to GB and GBC. Wonderful!

Sandra asking about a chess clock for the Nintendo DS portable console family. Does uxn have it?

uxn autokalimba