tarvalon is my all-in-one PC running Linux Mint. I use it when I'm back home. I had it since 2016 and went through a lot with it.

It still works ok. However, if I went back in time, I would've got a normal PC desktop that I could upgrade, repair, et cetera for the same price. Maintenance of this device is painful.

Performance is bad.

It came with a Windows 10 copy. I used it like twice. For some time, I dual-booted, then I removed it completely.

Operating systems that were installed on this computer are:

  • Windows 10 (pre-installed)

  • Linux Mint Cinnamon

  • Antergos (Arch, but easier to install). Countless environments

  • OpenSUSE Tumbleweed on XFCE (for a week)

  • Linux Mint MATE (when I moved to caemlyn, I left a boring OS behind)

The name comes from Tar Valon from the wheel of time.