Pipepunk is an artistic movement related to the pipe aesthetic. I coined this term.


  • Complex piping systems.

  • Wires, cords, ropes

  • Power lines

  • Brutalist architecture. See brutalism

  • Monumental architecture

  • Living inside things that were not meant for living, such as big empty pipes

My drawings

See pipepunk gallery for the gallery of my pipepunk drawings.

Fitting works

Other peoples' ideas I find fitting the idea of pipepunk. Of course, they didn't intentionally try to fit my view, they just liked pipes too.

  • Girls' Last Tour by tkmiz. A big source of inspiration. I have all volumes physically.

  • BLAME! by Tsutomu Nihei. Extremely epic artwork but unclear storytelling. I have problems understanding what is happening there.

  • Chute system from Bionicle. A pipe system used for transportation across the City of Legends.

  • Submitted. Riding tubes from Futurama. Video on YouTube.

  • what else?