HyperCard was an early hypermedia platform. This hypha is an attempt to collect some relevant links and cool stuff.

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Quasicard is a hypothetical reimagining of HyperCard and TiddlyWiki, born out of my combined frustration and contentment with reading textbooks and taking lab notes on an iPhone and doing exploratory data analysis and algorithm design in IPython/Jupyter.

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The speaker: justinfalcone.com

Cool article.

A really good collection of links with a nice introductory video (30 min). Worth of backing up?

There are numerous application ‘inspired by HyperCard’, all of them is not what we need. Lots of them advertise themselves as a way of making programs without programming. We need a reimplementation of HyperCard for modern systems, not this.

Archive.org emulators

They run in the browser. It takes some time to load them.